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"Mr. McCaslin and his staff went above and beyond, far exceeding my expectations in every way. I actually put off writing my review because I couldn’t find the words to show my appreciation. I still don’t think my review does them justice for all the work the put into my case. I have no reservations about referring anyone to them and would use them again in a heartbeat."

Brett E. / Yuba City, CA

"Mr. McCaslin and Marie were a god send!!! David always explain everything step by step and always got straight to the point. Marie was always sweet and very helpful while they handled my case. I was sad when my case was settled because even though I won my case, it felt like I had to let go of some family. Thank you David and Marie for everything you have done for me and my husband!!!"

Stephanie H. / Yuba City, CA

"Mr. McCaslin and Marie has been a breathe of fresh air. My case was just finalized and both of them have went above and beyond for me, even through COVID they have always kept in constant touch and has always answered any questions I had. Thank you both so much!"

Anastasia B./ Yuba City, CA

"Mr. McCaslin was the perfect solution to my case. I can’t leave out Marie. She did so much for me through the years. Professionally and as a friend. I truly thank her for that. Mr. McCaslin and I butted heads over the phone a few times but in the end, he came through. You have to consider the type of people he has to deal with, day in and day out. No one is perfect. I thank him considerably for the job well done."

Jerry P. / Yuba City, CA

"I was in an auto accident 5 years ago and I thought I’d get nothing. I had little hope, but McCaslin kept telling me that anything is possible and to hope for the best, so I did. After 5 long years we won, after phone call after phone call while I was across the country even, we won. I’m so thankful for Mr. McCaslin."

Sistina S. / Yuba City, CA

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McCaslin & McCaslin, a personal injury law firm has been helping working families recover from traumatic accidents since 1968.

Since 1968 there has been a McCaslin helping people like you who have been injured. We provide the highest quality of legal service to our clients, while observing the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Through experience and education, our firm is able to evaluate and pursue personal injury claims on behalf of the injured person.


Founded by Leon McCaslin, 1931-2006, David McCaslin carries on the fight for clients’ rights against Insurance companies and others who have hurt our family of clients. Don’t hesitate to call (530) 673-3333 for immediate answers on how McCaslin & McCaslin can help you.